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SHOWHUE is a startup that focuses on Artificial Intelligence innovative applications, by using deep learning and computer vision technology. Their solution combined using deep learning algorithms, computer vision technology and data-analytics for smart-marketing purposes.

With over 3-year experiences in the field of SaaS and AI, SHOWHUE always uses AI to support digital transformation retailers, provide e-commerce tools to optimize the auction process, focuse on image recognition technology and “e-commerce tool” technology. Since then, creating many smart tools to solve the problems that retailers often encounter before, during and after sales.

2 main products:

1. Retailer Suite All-in-one platform that makes it easy for retailers to use smart tools.

– UPLOAD – Auto-retouching & tagging of products.
– MUSES – Discover the latest trend on social media.
– USSISTANT – Smart real-time recommendation system.

2. USEE API API built for developers in the retail industry.

💥Thanks to the application of image recognition technology (automatically captures more than 400 IG KOL, celebrities, more than 50,000 photos, uses more than 40 cards for analysis, creating a technical basis for the commercial procurement department to make decision), SHOWHUE have the opportunities to cooperate with many famous garment e-commerce such as OB Design and Leeco Outlet.

Young entrepreneur Hannie Liu, founder and CEO of SHOWHUE takes a key position in promoting the one-stop e-commerce tools to help offline business areas to digitalize.

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Thời gian: 18/7/2020
Hạn đăng ký: 3/7/2020
Liên hệ: Selena| Selena@taostartup.asia| 098 633 6398


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