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On the hotel OTA industry, HitoFun is the first company with more than 5 years focus on and embedded with “Dynamic pricing”. This company specializes in the Dynamic pricing and the hotel rev-max (B2B/ SaaS) for Early bird and last minute Hotels Room booking by using the time-sensitive, Supply Demand sensitive, then calculating the Dynamic pricing.

💥Their mission is to proactively suggest the price to sellers, help the seller secure booking during the early-bird stage, and help match both parties (buyer and seller) of the demand by using A.I. & Big Data.

“Think differently, think of outside the box” is the favorite maxim of Mr. Hsin Huang – CEO of HitoFun, be the maxim of HitoFun enterprise as well. Mr. Hsin Huang has almost 10-year experiences in IT industry working in international hotel chains (some of them can be named as Hilton world wide, Regent HQ and Southern Calf. USA as reginal cluster I.T manager/ I.T director).

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Thời gian: 18/7/2020
Hạn đăng ký: 3/7/2020
Liên hệ: Selena| Selena@taostartup.asia| 098 633 6398


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